Linked Gateways / Reflectors
Module Linked to
A REF030 C
B unlinked
C REF038 C
D unlinked
E unlinked

Remote Users
Callsign User Message Last TX on
VA7SL Deep State Operative listening

Last Heard
Callsign User Message Last TX on Time
VE7LEE TED ON A SHIP WORKIN C 2018/09/17 18:50:34
VA7SL Deep State Operative X 2018/09/17 16:25:31
VA7MD Dave Delta,BC,CA C 2018/09/17 11:55:41
VE7QJ MAPLE RIDGE BC, Earl C 2018/09/17 10:29:49
VE7WCQ C 2018/09/17 09:03:53
VA7JC /P METRO VANCOUVER C 2018/09/17 08:19:41
VE7IOX Microwave Dave!!! A 2018/09/16 22:06:13
VA7FRY Randy lives! C 2018/09/16 21:03:53
VE7FW Don in B.C. C 2018/09/16 20:50:53

Status as of 2018/09/17 19:33:06